When a Mercedes-Benz is never enough …

There are a lot of enthusiasts out there with some really great car collections Some people tend to focus on a certain mark and recently I have been able to spend a whole day with such a person.

Blackly Leonard is a man who loves Mercedes-Benz. He eats, sleeps and breathes rare examples, especially pre-merger AMG cars. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have any other great models in this collection, but our focus will be on Blackley’s AMG and Rentech cars.


Currently, most AMGs consider M or R / RS to be Audi instead of BMW, but in the early 90’s AMG – Aufrecht, abbreviated to Melcher and Gro├časpach – was a separate entity from Mercedes-Benz. . You can send a car to AMG’s headquarters in Affalterbach, where they will literally make you what you can imagine. If you have a large enough bank account, that is.

You can order aftermarket AMG body components to be installed at a local dealer, or a specific group of authorized stores can customize your Mercedes with AMG engine, suspension, and exhaust. There weren’t many North American cars built entirely by AMG Strict guidelines; Most of the cars here are imported from other countries.


Since I planned to spend the whole day with Blackley, we had the opportunity to enjoy a great lunch and dinner. I was able to pick out her brain and learn more about how she came to collect such an incredible collection, how she was able to start a premier Mercedes-Benz auction site, what her future plans are for her and what models she wants to add. . In his collection.


Blackley was inspired by these cars from an early age. You see, his father drove a 1983 Mercedes-Benz 300D, a car that Blackley still owns today. Her father’s enthusiasm for the brand left a lasting impression on her son, and that fire is still burning. Blackley currently has 17 Mercedes-Benz cars in his collection.


I think most of us would immediately take the C126 560SEC AMG wide-body note. Surprisingly, it wasn’t even Blackley’s first AMG wide-body. We will focus more on this in an upcoming feature of the car.


I first met Blackley at his residence. When I saw the 1983 300TD diesel wagon on the driveway I knew it was the right place. I gave him a ring to let me know I was there and I was greeted with a garage door opening as I waited patiently. As the light spread, I got the first glimpse of its W210 E60 RS Renntech. Of course, I’ve never been a big fan of W210 styling. This was the first transition to a new style of E-class. You could say that there is something special about the car but it is difficult to identify exactly what it is without knowing more about these rare glasses. On the way to lunch, I got in the car and changed my mind. More on that later.

Before we left, Blackley invited me to his house. The interior was a tribute to Mercedes-Benz. There were parts, advertising and diecast models and so on. I really understand how deep his passion for running a brand is.


It was about a 30-minute walk from Blackley’s residence to the warehouse. Our 650hp S212 E63 AMG wagon chased after its E60 RS Rentech and we had an explosion. Blackley is in a good position for some enthusiastic driving along the winding road alongside the mountain view. This is really a great place for a car enthusiast.


Once we reached the warehouse, I was surprised. Apparently, I thought I was mentally prepared after seeing so many pictures of Blackley Instagram Profiles, but nothing can prepare you personally for the sheer size of the collection. I immediately went to 560SEC and got wet in that flame. To see how wide the car is is absolutely wild.


The next car that caught my attention was the 190E Cosworth, which was retrofitted with the Evo Eye Kit. When you look at it personally, among all the other cars, it’s remarkable how small the 190’s are. I have always loved them and personally they look better.


After that, I was only attracted to one of the drop-tops I cared for – the 500SL. There are many SLs out there, but a few with the Genuine Gen 1 AMG body-kit attached to a 6.0L. That sounds awful. The car looks good from every angle, but the DuckTail spoiler really makes it in my opinion.


Oddly enough, I really liked the 1985 Euro 300TD wagon. Wheels, position, European bumpers and lights really set off the car. I stared at it for a while and imagined it a touch less, some aftermarket aero and a cam M156 under the hood.


When I asked Blackley which model he would like to get next, he laughed “All of them.” I can tell you that he owns another very special, one-on-one car that was not in the warehouse at the time. I will touch more on an upcoming feature with that.

The 18 cars in his inventory are as follows (one excluded for the time being): Euro 1990 560SEC AMG Wide-Body, Euro 1990 500SL 6.0 AMG, Euro 1988 190E 2.3-16, Euro 1985 300 Eugene (Euro) 1964 230 SL, 1983 300D, 1999 E60 RS Renntech, 2001 E430 Sport, 2002 E320 (wagon), 2000 E55 AMG, 2001 E55 AMG, 1999 E55 AMG, E59 AMG, 39203MG, 92020DISL, 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser.

Unfortunately, the area did not provide us with many usable locations for shooting outside. With the sheer amount of cars, time was also limited so I decided to do most of the shots in space. I also hope we had more seating time, but it was a long trip back and forth. Maybe another day I could come back for more rides and rollers of all these great animals.


Finally, I wanted to touch on how this passion has turned into a business venture. Although he has been buying and selling these rare cars for almost a decade, a few years ago Blackley started theMBMarket.com to advertise quality examples of various Mercedes-Benz models. More recently, it has evolved into an auction format where it continues to grow today. It’s the only exclusive mark site for these cars, and it’s interesting to see the examples that are being provided.

Speedhunters_Brandon_Miller_BL Gas

Blackley’s long-standing passion for these cars, as well as his ability to identify the best models to pursue, seems to have given him access to a very wide and exclusive network of individuals. Individuals with the same enthusiasm, many of whom are rare examples. This type of person can successfully build and build a platform that is designed not only for Mercedes-Benz cars, but also for the community of enthusiasts who drive them.

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