To see my final look at Wekfest Japan 2022, I wanted to give you a broader feel about this show.

It’s hard to fully understand how huge it is if I don’t show you as much as possible, so I’ve collected 111 additional images, which made my Wickfest coverage look like this year’s Tokyo Auto Saloon. That should say a lot about this incident.


On top of that, it looks like – a decade after hearing that the exhibition dome at Nagoya’s iconic Port Mess will be demolished – the venue’s time is now over.


Wekfest Japan organizers now have work to do to find another venue for the event, which is large enough for many cars, and is centrally located in Japan to make it accessible to people across the country. It has been a key aspect of the show being held in Nagoya, and a cause where there is always a large presence.


Anyway, let’s take a look at some great German cars …


I am following Coutner Japan’s latest E24 BMW 635CSi build on Instagram and am personally very happy to see it. This thing is one of the most aggressive of the tried and tested black-on-black methods and your facial expressions, it proves that if you get it right, the result will be impressive. Like 99% of Japan’s Wickfest cars, it deserves its own features.


Plenty of air-cooled Porsche was good, and it’s nice to see these cars slowly but steadily falling into the hands of young owners who want to fix them.


It’s nice to see 911s built up to these levels, ranging from all-out restored to rare repetitive replicas, and of course slammed on custom wheels.


There must have been a lot of inspiration for Project 964 …


Of course, no German car selection will be complete with some VW. This wild, spacious Mk1 golf came from Voomerang.


If air-cooled VWs are your thing, I will have a nice selection of them in my upcoming coverage from Munees Street Car National.

The best in Japan


As you might expect, Japanese cars make up the bulk of this event, and you can always count on old school to new school and lots of USDM inspiration.


Creates strategic industry Always Attract my attention


A DC2 Integrator RS Watanabe wheel is something I don’t think I’ll ever think of, but see how well they work.


You don’t see many Nissan Pulsar GTi-Rss around, let’s make a great change like this.


Who doesn’t love a little VIP …


The AT141 Toyota Corona GT Coupe is very well slammed, and this example, owned by a member of the Lobrain Crew, ticks all the right boxes. I really want to shoot it right, and since it’s local to me I’ll be able to make it happen.

Miyoshi Racing Paddock Okayama is well known for its circuit racing exploits, so you know the results are going to be good when they turn their hands to make road cars.


But their main showpiece at Weekfest this year was the Faithful replica of the Kechi Suichier FC3S Mazda RX-7 at the 1991 JSS Fuji Speedway Race.


Miyoshi-san was eager to show me how close this tribute was to the real car, so he pulled out a video of the race to show me. At the moment, only the wheel is a different thing, everything else should be just as it should be, just below the worn out race bucket and the kinked shift lever. Best of all, it’s a 100% efficient race car.


All that really remains for Dorikin to drive, and perhaps the legendary replica green helmet ready next to the car.


The position in Japan extends to scooters, and there is a whole subculture around the creation of these two wheels. Who wants to see more from this scene?

Out of step


A small portion of the ceremony was held outside, and there was no shortage of interesting machines.


I lost count of how many Nissan Z I saw this year, but A was A lot Next year, we will definitely see some new genre cars.

This stunning VW Scirocco hits many shows in Japan, and I always have to take another look; It’s very clear.


On the way back inside, there were a few Mazda Roadstars – AKA Miatas and MX-5s – that I needed to check out.


The direct example above is a roadstar that thinks it’s in a Corvette sting, all thanks to Mitsuoka and their oh-so-Japanese conversion.


Remember S&A Auto Create, who created the K20C1-swap NSX? All right, they’ve come up with a pair of customer-owned S30 Fairlady Zs.


Which one would you go for? The glorious-sounding white car with the OS Giken TC24 head, or the mustard one that keeps it on a single cam, but the naturally ambitious L31 features every mode you can create? Two different routes, two stunning results.


This EP82 Starlet GT was on another level.


Weekfest always creates weird surprises, and this dumped Subaru Legacy was one of them this year. It somehow reminds me of the wild creation that B Dragon created that day. Centuries in their presidents, crowns and fixed drops always featured pumped wheel arches like this.

Inheritance is the most obvious No. While a static suspension setup is underway. Two weeks later, I’m still trying to figure out exactly what’s going on with this crazy Air Ride install.


James Bond will definitely approve of this Lotus Esprit.


Here is Masaru Ishikawa’s latest creation, which he completed the night before the show. Sylvia features custom fender work and Ishikawa Body’s signature OEM S13 teardrop wheels have become the work of the custom 3-piece industry.


It’s not all Wekfest shows in Japan; Who doesn’t love a big-power R32 Skyline GT-R ?!


And you can always count on something to remind you that you don’t have to grow up to have fun. In fact, you can have very small and subtle details for a great result.


It really gives an overview of Wekfest Japan 2022. I hope you enjoyed our coverage of this event.

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