VW Scout Electric SUV, Revian Reservation, Foxconn, Fischer and Lordstown:

Scout is the new name for the VW Electric SUV. Rivian’s rise seems to have aroused more interest. And Foxconn enables an American automaker, Lordstown and Fischer. It’s been a busy news week, full of twists and turns. This and more, here and here Green Car Report.

With the completion of the sale to Hon Hai Technology Group, a former GM plant in Ohio – otherwise known as Foxconn, iPhone contract maker – Lordstown Endurance Electric Pickup is set to go into production later this year. It revisits Foxconn’s plans to act as a contract maker for the upcoming $ 29,900 Fisker Pear EV starting in 2024.

Volkswagen has confirmed that it is reviving the Scout name – yes, the former International Harvester SUV – for a full-fledged electric SUV aimed at the US. Will the place be brand?

Rivian’s price hike in March এবং and the resulting uproar from early adopters মনে seems to have only increased its appeal for electric trucks. Since the price hike, Rivian has seen 10,000 new reservations-double the truck it has built since September গ at an average price of 93,000.


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