VW ID. Buzz pickup truck conceived by the firm’s design boss

Volkswagen is planning a variety of IDs. Buzz, an electric van that channels the spirit of the original bus. There is no indication that there is a pickup in the pipeline, but it did not stop the firm’s design chief from imagining what the lightning would look like with a cargo box.

Klaus Jaisiora, the design boss of the Volkswagen Group, posted a rendering of a Buzz with a bed on his Instagram account. He started with the ID.Buzz concept instead of the production model, added a set of small rear doors and cut the cab just behind the rear seats. There’s a relatively spacious cargo box on the back, and the Zyciora even integrates one step into the quarter panel to allow users to access their gear.

The model, whose name has not been released, has been described as “an unseen variation” of Buzz. It is not unprecedented or far-reaching. All of Buzz’s predecessors, from the T1 released in 1949 to the T6 currently in production, gave birth to the pickup, and the Tristar concept unveiled in 2014 explored Volkswagen’s van-based pickup tradition while celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first Syncro concept.

Jaisiora asked his followers on Instagram if they thought the lightning-based pickup should be taken to the next level, but it’s not a confirmation (or even a hint) that the idea would jump into production. As of writing, four buzz flavors have been confirmed: the passenger- and cargo-hauling versions were unveiled in March 2022, an earlier long-wheelbase version made for the United States, and a mysterious version referred to as “ID.California”. Done. It could take the form of a factory-built camp. We won’t get a panel van here because of the chicken tax, but the long-wheelbase van will land in showrooms in 2024 as a 2025 model. For trucks: Well, keep your fingers crossed.

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