VW Flexpole Charging, USPS Makes Gas-Truck Opposition, First Generation Kia Nero EV

A “Flexpole” fast-charger has a push center in Europe to charge more than VW and BP. With the arrival of the second-generation Kia Niro EV in the months to come, Kia sees a reason to continue making the first-gen Niro EV. And state and environmental group allies in lawsuits against USPS. This and more, here and here Green Car Report.

Controversy continues over the U.S. Postal Service agreement, which for decades could fully electrify only 10% of the new-generation delivery trucks used by government extensions. On Thursday, a coalition of states and environmental groups filed a lawsuit against USPS, alleging that proper environmental and cost analyzes were not actually done before the agreement was signed. Gasoline-powered replacement trucks are expected to be less fuel efficient than their 1990s predecessors.

A project between Volkswagen and the oil giant BP will lead to the installation of 8,000 charging stations across Europe by 2024 সহ including urban charging and a “flexpole” design that eliminates the need for high-voltage hardware to deliver fast DC. Charging.

And the first-generation version of the Kia Niro EV continues to be the home of the South Korean market as a zero-emission taxi exclusive, the automaker confirmed this week. The preferred EVT will be slim in the door trim for its seats and interior space, the whole package will be tweaked for taxi, ride-hailing or corporate fleet use. According to Kia, this is the first in a new series of “purpose-built” EVs.


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