Voltaire electric delivery trucks are coming to the United States in 2023

You will soon see more electric trucks carrying goods around town. Volta has revealed that it is bringing its urban delivery EV to the United States, starting with a test fleet of 100 Class 7 (16.5 US tons) Zero trucks in Los Angeles in mid-2023. American production should start in 2024, with an “experienced” manufacturer selected later this year. The inaugural truck will follow the lighter-duty Class 5 (9.8-ton) and Class 6 (13-ton) models in 2024 and 2025.

Class 7 Volta Zero range small, modular battery offers 95 to 125 miles driving. However, this is more than enough for city delivery. Volta also bets that 250-kilowatt DC fast charging will reduce any range of worries. You can fully recharge Zero in just over an hour at the right station. In addition, the company has taken advantage of switching to electric motors to improve safety – a low, center-mounted driver’s seat will reduce blind spots on normal trucks.

There is pressure for Voltaire to move faster. Fellow Swedish company Volvo has already launched multiple electric medium-duty trucks, and has American rival Freightliner EM2. However, these are usually conventional designs that can be electric instead of just scratch EV. Volta could reel customers by creating more compelling cases for piercing diesel- and gas-based fleets.

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