Volta created any design allowance for commercial electric truck interiors

Sweden-based Volta Trucks on Tuesday unveiled the latest in a series of electric commercial trucks designed for internal combustion engines without any allowance.

The new 7.5-ton and 12-ton Volta Zero (approximately 16,500-pound and 26,500-pound) models join a larger 16-ton (35,000-pound) version that is currently undergoing “extensive engineering development and testing” prior to customer evaluation, Volta One Said in a press release.

The 7.5-ton and 12-ton models will follow with a pilot fleet in 2024 and will be fully produced in 2025, according to Volta. As the name implies, the 12-ton model has a heavy payload rating (metric). It has a long chassis and body and a second set of rear wheels to accommodate that extra payload.

Volta Zero 7.5-ton electric truck

Volta Zero 7.5-ton electric truck

Since the Volta did not have to package an internal combustion engine, it was able to keep the driver much lower than conventional trucks. Drivers now sit at almost the same height as pedestrians and ordinary car drivers, it claims.

The packaging freedom of an EV also allows for a 220-degree view around the vehicle and a centered seating position, meaning the driver can always exit on a sidewalk, Volta noted.

Volta’s goal is to sell more than 27,000 vehicles per year by 2025. It is also developing a “truck as a service” model as an alternative to traditional ownership or leasing. In a single monthly fee, fleet operators gain access to vehicle and charging infrastructure, including maintenance, insurance and driver training.

Volta Zero 7.5-ton (front) and 16-ton electric truck

Volta Zero 7.5-ton (front) and 16-ton electric truck

Volta focuses on Europe but is using U.S. suppliers for some key ingredients. In 2021, Volta named Protra as its battery supplier and Meritor as its supplier of e-Excel units.

Volta is not the only company building new trucks of the future for the electric age. Arrival aims for a post interior combustion design aesthetic. The startup unveiled a delivery van for UPS in 2020 and announced plans for a South Carolina electric-bus factory later in the year.

The Tesla Semio is an EV-only design, but it’s a much bigger truck than what Volta and Arrival have to offer. Walmart, which operates a huge fleet of half-trucks, unveiled the Radical WAVE concept in 2014 to showcase skill-centric design features, but retained the internal combustion engine.

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