Volkswagen Polo Track – 2023 debuts in Latin America

Volkswagen is set to launch the Polo Track in the Latin American market in 2023, where the upcoming model will be an entry-level offer based on the group’s MQB platform.

The goal of the Polo Track is to save costs from development shared with other Volkswagen Group models, at least not the Mk6 Polo on which this Polo Track is based. It will be produced at the automaker’s manufacturing plant in Taube, Brazil, while regular polo for this market is made at the Anchita plant in Sওo Bernardo do Campo, Brazil.

Volkswagen says the upcoming car will be the first of a new compact car family to enter the Latin American market when it launches next year. Here, the beehive air of the same design as the Polo GTI is adopted at the front end of the polo track, although the cost-driven difference means that the polo track will probably exclude more expensive options from the regular polo equipment list. .

Volkswagen Mk6 Polo Facelift

Given Polo Track’s budget diagonal, powertrain options for the upcoming hatchback for the Latin American market could be the naturally ambitious 1.0-liter engine, which produces 80 hp and 93 Nm of torque in the form of a base polo. It drives the front wheels via a five-speed manual transmission.

Volkswagen operations in Latin America are also aimed at decarbonization, as outlined in its accelerated strategy, which would see carmakers invest more in existing biodiesel research and development centers in Latin America, it said.

Biofuels with a positive CO2 balance could be a bridge to the electric age, Volkswagen says, especially in areas where green power supply levels are low and electric vehicle charging networks are not yet extensive.

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