Volkswagen gathers scouts as an electric SUV brand

Volkswagen will revive the name of an SUV pioneer for a new ragged EV brand.

The automaker on Wednesday announced the new Scout brand, named after the International Harvester Scout, which debuted as one of the original SUVs of the 1960s. This new scout avatar will create an electric pickup truck and SUV for the United States. The first prototypes will be unveiled in 2023, with production set to begin in 2026, VW said in a press release.

Rumors of a VW scout have been circulating for months. A few hours after VW finally posted one of its designers – and then deleted – a teaser image confirmed his plans on Instagram.

1980 International Scout

1980 International Scout

Subsequently officially relaunched by VW, the teaser features a four-door SUV and pickup with the same blockchain proportions and is featured above the rear-window line, like the original Scout, made by agricultural equipment company International Harvester between 1961 and 1980.

VW acquired the rights to the name Scout in 2020 through the acquisition of Navistar International, the successor to International Harvester.

Under VW, the Scout name is expected to represent a distinct brand with its own management like other VW brands. Check out the stock-market stimulus behind the revision, and you can put the points together for what VW is thinking. Or Revian is not the only company marketing rugged eve.

2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV

2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV

The International Scout has been a strong enthusiast following for decades এবং and the all-electric model that logically most closely represents its aesthetics is the Bollinger B1. And General Motors recently brought the Hummer brand back to the EV. For Scouts, what could be such a brand is probably more flexible.

VW is keen to use the name from the catalog behind its main brand for the new EV. ID.Buzz indicates a lot of interest, but it will be a relatively low volume model VW has thought more than once – the return of the VW thing as an EV.

Do you think that is a good idea? Should VW make a public electric SUV called the Scout, or will it be another extravagant electric truck built in nostalgia? Leave us your thoughts.

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