Vinfast VF 8 Preview Drive, Hummer EV Heat Pump, CATL Battery Replacement: Today’s

GM plans to have a heat pump in each of its Altium EVs. CATL has launched its battery replacement initiative for affordable EVs and apartment dwellers. And we ran the first of the pending EVs from WinFast. This and much more, here in the Green Car report.

In a preview drive of the 2023 Vinfast VF 8, the first of two electric crossovers from this Vietnamese brand claiming to be bound to the United States before the end of 2022, we found a lot of work in the company’s aggressive delivery timeline.

GM confirmed this morning that a heat-pump-based heating system will fit into each of its Ultima-platform vehicles, including the already supplied GMC Hummer EV and the soon-to-arrive Cadillac Lyric, as well as more future mass-market models, including the Chevrolet Trailblazer EV and Chevy. Blazer EV. A meaningful real-world boost to the range, and faster charging and faster acceleration, says Tech, GM.

In China, battery giant CATL has launched its own battery-switching service, Evogo, which revolves around proprietary battery modules compared to chocolate bars. The program has already planned 30 stations in Launch City, offered at speeds that compare to fast-charging (or beat), but aim to be an option for urban apartment dwellers who do not have a home charging. CATL says more automaker partners and more cities are coming.

And did Big Game EV advertising spending from GM, BMW, Kia and others increase Tesla orders this year? Not only that, but Tesla is proud of something like that in its quarterly update.


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