Video: 90 vs Toyota GR Supra. Nissan Z 2023 – Which one is tapped inside

The Toyota GR Supra A90, since its launch in January 2019, has always been a component Troll The car is enthusiastic all over the world because it is built not only from the body frame but also from the engine, transmission as well as in the same factory as the BMW Z4 G29.

But the situation was reversed when the Nissan Z2023 was released – the new generation Z is still the original Nissan design from frame to engine, combined with nostalgic prices where most sports car designs are inspired by first generation Datsun 240Z models. With taillights inspired by the Nissan 300ZX, the model received a thunderous applause from automotive fans, especially JDM’s ‘Sect’.

But if two rear-wheel-drive GT sports cars with twin-turbocharged engines from Japan keep spinning in a straight line, which one is faster? You don’t have to wait long because Jason Camisa from Hager’s YouTube channel has already checked to find the answer.

In the United States, the Toyota GR Supra 2022, with a BMW B58 3.0-liter six-cylinder inline engine, produces two turbochargers 382 hp and a maximum of 500 Nm of torque valued at US $ 56,000 (RM265k). Toyota recently announced that the Supra has already launched a version that adopts a six-speed manual gearbox, but this time the unit used in the video is from the nine-speed automatic gearbox version.

For the Nissan Z, all variants get only the original Nissan engine, the VR30DDTT 3.0-liter V6 with dual turbocharger, which produces 400 hp and a maximum of 475 Nm of torque. It sells for less than 51,000 (RM224k) for the maximum variant of the Z Performance in the United States. Since its unveiling, the Nissan Z has already been offered with a six-speed manual gearbox, but the unit competing with this Supra comes from an automatic version with a nine-speed gearbox.

In this video, Camisa brings a Ford Mustang Mach 1 2022 – it is cheaper than US $ 55,500 (RM244k), or Supra but comes with a more powerful engine, a V8 5.0L that produces 480 hp and maximum torque of 570 Nm, a 10. – Combined with speed automatic gearbox.

Once these three cars left, intense competition centered between the Supra and even the Mustang. Although the Supra Mustang delivers about 100 hp with less power, with about 200 kg lighter facility, both the cars allow you to complete 402 m / quad straight in 12.1 seconds at the same time. But the Mustang was declared the winner because it recorded a speed of 3 mph / 4.8 km / h faster than the Supra when it crossed the finish line at 120 mph.

The Nissan Z seems to be the slowest model in the race, completing a quarter mile in 12.3 seconds. Is this the power that loses Z in this race? According to Camisa, the main reason behind this Nissan sports car lagging behind Supra and Mustang by 0.2 seconds is the tires.

The Z is supplied with factory-made Bridgestone Potenza S007 tires, which provide less grip than the Supra and Mustang Michelin tires. The video tested the acceleration for the Nissan Z from the manual version and recorded a time of 0.3 seconds slower than the automatic version for the 400-meter acceleration.

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