Using the JPJ GoPro 360 camera to catch drivers using the phone, illegal overtaking,

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) Motorcycle Enforcement Unit will be equipped with GoPro Max 360 cameras for surveillance and detection of crimes committed by road users during the upcoming Hari Roy Eid-ul-Fitr festival season. Has been named Reported.

The Motorcycle Enforcement Unit will conduct patrols in areas identified as hotspots and focus on the nine major crimes identified as the cause of fatal road accidents, JPJ Director General Datuk Jailani Hashim said. A total of 128 cameras will be installed for this purpose, the report said.

“Roadblocks will be mounted as usual, and will be monitored by members as the number of vehicles on the road increases. [of the enforcement unit] Equipped with GoPro Max 360 camera, the director general of the department said.

Unit members equipped with cameras will be tasked with detecting offenses such as not wearing helmets and seat belts, double line overtaking, traffic light violations, using mobile phones while driving and overloading commercial vehicles.

Based on the crime recordings, the owners of the found vehicles will be called in for questioning before taking action against them, Jailani said. JPJ’s operations begin today and will end on May 9, 2022.

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