Toyota GR Corolla Sedan – Widebody, Triple Exhaust

Do you like the look of the Toyota GR Corolla but let it contrast with the hatchback for more boot space with a sedan body style? Sadly, Toyota is not offering anything like that but in the magic of rendering, Theophilus Chin has created such a vehicle in the digital space for your consideration.

Instead of using the US-market Corolla, which is a different face than other markets, as a basis, Theo chose something a little more familiar to us here in the form of the current Corolla (also known as the Corolla Altis in Thailand). You end up with what you see.

The first thing that catches your attention in the rendered GR Corolla sedan / Altis is its aggressive front fascia, which features a large central intake adjacent to the bumper corner by round fog lamps and vertical air inlets.

The standard car’s extended “hump” has also been omitted from the headlamps to make room for gaping mouths, the area has been rearranged to unchanged headlamp clusters for bridging sport functional air inlets.

At the bottom of the side, we see the front and rear flared wheel arches, with the former having air outlets marked with GR badges. The car has a side skirt with “GR-Four” as a reference to the all-wheel drive powertrain, which has a G16E-GTS 1.6 liter turbocharged and direct-injected three-cylinder engine that produces 304 PS and 370 Nm. Of torque, attached to a six-speed manual.

On the back, the boot gets less spoiler than what you get in the original GR Corolla, while the bottom apron gets the same unique triple-tailpipe setup. Since the number plate on the sedan is already at the top, there is no need to make room at the bottom of the bumper, so less black trim is needed.

So what are your thoughts on the GR Corolla sedan / Altis? Looks incredibly interesting, don’t you think? As he said, there is a possibility that someone or a company will try to make a body kit in this fashion for Corolla sedans. Will you pay for the look?

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