Toyota Gaju Racing hosts Vios Sprint Cup for the first time – part of Malaysia

The 2022 Toyota Gaju Racing Calendar in Malaysia has joined the Vios Sprint Cup, the first ongoing event in the Malaysia Championship Series (MCS) this weekend on May 21-22, 2022 at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC).

The Vios Sprint Cup will be held independently of the Vios Challenge, although it retains the format of the One-Make Racing Series so that competitors will see the factory take the track to the same race-ready examples of the Toyota Vios. -Standard engines, transmissions and suspensions, as well as uniform tires and fuels to ensure a level playing field among the participating competitors.

The two crew teams will compete in three generations of B-segment sedans at the Vios Sprint Cup, with successful competitors offering a total prize money of RM60,000. A total of two one-hour races will be seen on Race Weekend, held every Saturday and Sunday.

A total of 38 drivers will take part in the Vios Sprint Cup and this line-up will consist of professional racers, international and gentleman drivers as well as young talents including simulator racers. Among the established, successful racers are Tenku Dizan Ley, Mark Darwin, Mohammed Farike Hairuman, Eddie Liu, Boy Wong and William Ho, while young stars include Naqib Azlan, Hayden Haykal, Mika Hakimi, Nabil Azlan, Bradley Benedict. Anthony, Timothy Yo and Alistair Young.

To ensure equality between the teams, driver pairing was done to prevent two experienced racers for the Vice Sprint Cup. In Prima Pearl TD Racing, Tenku Jan will be paired with Mika Hakimi, while in Laser Motor Racing, Mark Darwin will be paired with Bradley Benedict Anthony.

Axel Motorsports will field two all-teen drivers, with Hayden Haykal paired with Vios Challenge Rookie and Gaju Racing Young Talent Development Alum Naqib Azlan, while the second car will be paired with the previous Formula 4 SEA racer Alistair Young and. Muiz Musifa.

The two-driver team in the Vios Sprint Cup format will watch the entry into separate qualifying sessions on Saturday and the driver who emerges with the fastest qualifying lap time will have to start Race 1 that day. This race will see a mandatory pit stop during the race, with the second driver taking charge.

Sunday’s Race 2 will participate in a reverse grid layout based on the results of Saturday’s Race 1. On the second day, each pair of slow drivers will start the race and, like Race 1, will have a mandatory pit stop. For driver change. Saturday Race 1 and Sunday Race 2 will both start with a rolling start grid.

In the event of a prize, the winner of each of the two races of the Vios Sprint Cup will collect RM10,000, then RM8,000 for the second place racer and RM6,000 for the third place. Following suit, fourth-place drivers will bring home RM4,000, and fifth-place drivers will pay RM2,000.

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