Tonto use advanced technology, disclose the operating information of the authority in advance

Tonto, the syndicate lorry companies that are being “guarded” to ensure that lorries are safe from being caught by the authorities for various crimes, is now said to be using advanced technology to run their operations, the Department of Road Transport (JPJ) said in a statement. Said. Report Daily Metro.

According to the department, efforts to combat Tonto groups are becoming increasingly difficult as they use sophisticated communication technology through various applications and social media sites to quickly channel the authorities’ movement information to the knowledge of troubled lorry drivers without relying on communication equipment. . Walkie talkie.

JPJ further acknowledged that Tonto’s presence posed a major challenge to those who observed every movement of the enforcement team regardless of time. According to Hanif Yusabra Yusuf, director of Negeri Sembilan JPJ, the Tonto threat has forced his party to think of cunning and alternative methods to suppress the party.

He added that there were a few mercenaries who acted aggressively to ensure their trucks were safe and no action was taken.

“The Tonto threat is not a ‘play around.’ For example, a Tonto vehicle attempting to stop a customs vehicle that tried to stop a lorry carrying non-taxable alcohol on April 22 in Johor Bahru.

“Law enforcement on freight vehicles, especially those carrying heavy loads, has not been spared the threat of Tonto seeking to protect the movement of JPJ lorries.

“The Tonto Syndicate, employed by a handful of lorry company operators, will play a role in providing protection and information to the lorry drivers involved in these crimes,” he told the newspaper.

Hanif further explained that the information disseminated by Tonto makes it difficult for law enforcement personnel to take action against problematic lorries as they have already received preliminary information.

“Tonto has acted aggressively and out of bounds in an attempt to prevent their protected lorries from being subjected to action. Some activities threaten the safety of road users and may cause damage to public property, “he added.

He points out that in order to combat the latest tactics used by Tonto, JPJ needs to be more aggressive in thinking of other ways to use camouflage tactics, intelligence and drone technology.

“Cooperation with the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) and the Malaysian Multimedia Communication Commission (MCMC) has also been strengthened to address issues related to Tonto,” he said.

According to Hanif, offenses involving Tonto activity could be prosecuted under Section 186 of the Penal Code for obstructing government employees from performing their duties. He added that Tonto has been seen as very active and that Negeri Sembilan always provides protection to heavy vehicles at several hotspots such as Nilai, Pedas and Kuala Pilah.

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