Toll-free for Ray, but Plus Highway users must tap on a Touch N Go card or use RFID

As far as most know, the government has announced toll-free or discounted fares for the upcoming Hari Roy Eidilfitri travel time.

The North-South Expressway and the East Coast Expressway are among the main highways that will FOC from midnight Saturday 30 April to 11:59 pm Sunday 1 May, applicable to all vehicle classes. The toll-free period for return trips is from midnight on Saturday 7 May to 11:59 on Sunday 8 May.

PLUS, which has been busy announcing its readiness to welcome two million vehicles a day on the North-South Highway for the longest period of late travel, has reminded customers to tap their Touch N Go cards for normal entry and exit. If you use smarttags, drive normally in lanes – the same goes for RFID users, use your dedicated lanes.

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The toll waiver will be applicable when the user exits the closed toll system, plus assured, adding that it is for the purpose of recording traffic data. The highway operator reminds customers to make sure their TnG card is valid before starting the journey. Rejected by inactive or expired card system and it will add traffic congestion.

“Plus for those who are planning a trip on Peak Day, it is advisable to follow the advisory (TTA) that has been issued recently. We encourage them to plan their trips carefully to reduce traffic congestion and provide more comfort for their families when traveling home. This includes identifying pit stops for food or drink, rejuvenating and refreshing oneself, ”said Datuk Ajman Ismail, MD, PLUS.

“Plus will take the necessary steps to manage the traffic attack and we have put in place various measures in the main line of the highway, the toll plaza and the rest of the area,” he added.

Here is the complete list of highways participating in “Hari Roy Toll Mega Cell”

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