This robot aims at insect-infested nuts and shoots from trees

Technology is constantly advancing across virtually every industry, and while some four-wheeled-gadgets such as the lunar rover and health-monitoring electric vehicles attract the most attention, segments like firm robotics can often be just as great. Of particular interest is the InsightTRAC, a robot that autonomously roams the almond orchards and shoots insect-infested nuts.

The bug-jumping bot was created for the sole purpose of improving tree health and harvesting. After harvest, the nuts in the tree become the main food source of many insects, especially navel oranges. This perennial nut is called mummy. InsightTRAC was invented to combat the frustrating traditional mummy removal process; Beating them with a long stick or violently shaking a tree to remove them. This new patent-pending rover, however, is designed to find mummies autonomously and shoot them using earth-friendly biodegradable pellets. The system is used for winter sanitation in preparation for the rising season.

InsightTRAC can conduct 24/7 tree identification and tracking and provide data to farmers to optimize the profitability of their trees. InsightTRAC is currently focusing on almond growers with plans to expand into other branches of the industry. Learn more at

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