These are the ten fast selling new and used cars

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that the car market, both new and used, is wild right now. But which car, truck and minivan models are the absolute hottest? has seen at a glance how fast cars are sold from the time of purchase to the time of sale Here we have collected the top ten and top ten used models of new cars. The model is given in each list and follows the average number of days in each market.


  1. Honda CR-V: 7.6
  2. Genesis GV 70: 12.2
  3. Lexus RX 350: 13
  4. Toyota Highlander: 13.6
  5. Toyota Camry: 15.1
  6. Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: 15.3
  7. Ford Maverick Hybrid: 15.5
  8. Subaru Forster: 17
  9. Toyota Tacoma: 17.6
  10. Subaru Crossstrack: 17.7

Most of these vehicles are perennial high sellers. And, as ISeeCars executive analyst Carl Brower notes, they’re all experiencing significantly lower inventory. Ford Maverick, in fact, this model was off the order for years. For example, there is a possibility of snatching anything quickly from the dealer lot.


  1. Tesla Model X: 28
  2. Honda Insights: 28.9
  3. Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid: 29.4
  4. Tesla Model Y: 29.5
  5. Toyota Prius Prime: 32.8
  6. Mazda3 sedan: 34.3
  7. Tesla Model S: 34.4
  8. Tesla Model 3: 34.6
  9. Chevy Volt: 35
  10. Ford Mustang Mach-E: 35.1

Among the cars used you will probably notice that it is influenced by hybrid and electric cars with full Tesla range. Brower confirms our suspicions that the recent high gas prices have driven consumers to buy more economical machines. Brower further noted that in the case of Teslas and Mustang Mach-e, especially the tough new availability is sending people after used cars. He says many Tesla models are not going to be delivered for a few more months, and the Mustang Mach-E order book is closed.

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