The use of DC Fast Charger is no longer free at some BMW Malaysia dealerships – it is now on

An update to the network of DC Fast Chargers installed at BMW Malaysia dealerships, related to their use. Since the program began, these DC Fast Chargers have been free to use, and accessible to all EV owners. Now, it seems that while they are open to the public, their use is no longer free, at least in several dealerships.

It has been revealed that several dealerships are now paying for the use of their DC Fast Chargers, each with their own pricing scheme. At Auto Bavaria Ara Damansara, a 180 kW charger (configured at 90 kW) is accessible through an app called Plugit Cloud – Payment starts at RM15 (as transaction fee) and it charges you 10 minutes free, then RM1.40 per minute usage. .

Meanwhile, Ingress Auto is charging RM50 using its 90 kW CCS2 DC charger, and this is for BMW and MINI EV owners. If you own an EV that isn’t from this build, the running rate is RM70 per use, which means charging according to the car’s battery capacity, because it doesn’t sound time-based. In terms of cost, the layout will be beneficial for some car models, less for others.

The method of payment for this is also somewhat complicated. Users will need to transfer a payment to Ingres’ bank account and enter the key to their vehicle registration number as a reference for the payment. They will then have to show proof of payment to the staff on duty, who will activate the charging after the car is plugged in.

At the Tian Siang Premium Auto Ipoh, the 120 kW charger is now per-use for all EV owners, and the rate for non-BMW owners is RM2.40 per minute. Earlier this week, a non-BMW user reported that it took him about 45 minutes to top 56% to 100% of his car, costing him RM108 in the process.

The rate is competitive compared to the Shell Recharge HPC network, which has an RM4 confirmation fee in a per-use-per-use format and RM20 for every five minute charge for the first 25 minutes and RM20 for every five minute block. Then, which works out to RM240 per hour (or RM244 with confirmation fee).

Elsewhere, at least one outlet is currently refusing to use the charger to outsiders or non-BMW EV owners. The Malaysian Electric Vehicle Owners Club (MyEVOC) reports that Auto Bavaria is controlling the use of the newly installed 50 kW DC charger in Tebrau. The unit is not currently open to the public, probably because rates and payments have not been finalized.

The change in tech is probably due to overuse from late EV owners, looking to get a free juice. We asked BMW Malaysia if the implementation of paying for the use of its DC Fast Charger was a blanket decision.

According to Shashi Ambi, Head of Corporate Communications, not all BMW dealers have implemented this policy. He said those who have, they have done so only because they are facing a lot of traffic jams due to their location. So it is not surprising that everything, including electricity, has a cost.

“Many dealers have been initially asked to charge but they have not yet implemented it. The rates here are also temporary because we want to standardize all rates at BMW dealerships with special benefits and rates for BMW customers. There will be a priority rate for BMW customers and for non-BMW customers, “he said.

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