The Settle app now lets you pay for EV charging, with both AC and DC chargers available,

Setel has unveiled a new EV charging feature in its app, which adds a growing list of things you can do with the Setel app without having to pay for your Petronas fuel.

The list of available chargers is limited at the moment, but will probably grow rapidly as EV charger operators may want to tap Settle users on a large installed base instead of educating users to download another app, sign up for an account and add a payment method again.

Another advantage of using the Settle app for charging is that you can earn Mesra points from your paid charging session. The RM5 you spend on paid charging earns 1 Mesra point.

We’ve identified some of the chargers in the JomCharge app list, so this means chargers are able to use multiple apps to enable charging.

If you haven’t downloaded Setel yet, we would appreciate it if you could use our referral code “5h9f3”.

Link: Download set

Here are the initial 5 chargers available at launch, as well as the price:

Lotus Cape
7.4 kW AC
RM0.50 / 15 minutes

EV Connection Workshop Parklane SS7
22 kW AC

ACO Headquarters Johar Bahru
180 kW CCS DC

Naja Automal PJ
50 kW CCS, 50 kW Chademo, 22 kW AC
RM1.20 / min

Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Resort Penang
50 kW CCS, 50 kW Chademo, 22 kW AC
RM1.20 / min

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