The Rivian airbag recalls the 2022 R1T for sensor calibration problems

Maybe it’s just us, but it looks like the withdrawal economy is facing the same inflationary pressures. Rivian launched the recall chart for the first time after discovering a problem with the R1T pickup. A potentially defective occupant classification system (OCS) does not disable airbags when a child or infant’s seat is placed in the front passenger seat. If the R1T crashes, airbag activation can injure a child sitting in the passenger seat or in the baby seat placed there. The fault lies within the seat, and like many recollections of late, it is a supply issue; Hyundai Transis seats in Farmington, Michigan. The agency said it had not heard of any injuries.

This problem could potentially affect 502 units of the 2022 R1T built between September 21, 2021 and April 12, 2022. During the company’s first-quarter earnings call this month, it said it has built about 5,000 vehicles since the factory lines kicked in gear, and delivered 2,148 of them to customers. While that number includes the R1T, of course, it also includes an Amazon delivery van and some R1S SUV numbers.

To solve the seat problem on R1T, owners can visit one of Rivian’s 20 service centers across the country and install a new seat for free. “In the meantime,” the company says, “infants and children affected should not be placed in the front passenger seat of the revian vehicle until the front passenger seat replacement is complete.” Automaker will notify owners via phone call, text, e-mail and mail, receiving a letter by 1 July. Owners with questions can call Rivian Customer Service at 734-855-4345 and specify the FSAM-651 number. They can also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at 888-327-4236 for a reference to campaign number 22V319000, or check the NHTSA site for the latest information.

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