The Proton X90 is not launching in 2022 – the new 7-seater SUV has been delayed to 2023

This morning, Proton CEO Lee Chunrang surprised to announce that the company will launch three new models in the next two years. Couple that with the growing philosophy of a disguised Geely Haoyue / Okavango in recent months and you think the Proton version, widely known as the X90, will debut this year. It has to be, doesn’t it?

Well, no. Speaking to the media at today’s 2022 Saga launch, Deputy CEO Roslan Abdullah said the two-year period is actually across 2023 and 2024, which means any new model will arrive very early next year. It probably includes a seven-seater SUV, which is expected to be the next big launch for the national carmaker.

“It simply came to our notice then [this year]Original plan, if it is not for MCO [movement control order] Last year, ”he said. “It was supposed to be in Q3 this year, but then [the timeline] Dragged and is now our friend in China [Geely] Lockdown also hit. “

Despite recent sightings of prototypes on the road, the X90 will not launch this year

Like other car manufacturers, Proton has been affected by the global shortage of semiconductors. Chips prices have skyrocketed due to high demand and low supply, forcing the company to shut down its Tanjung Malim plant for two weeks – resulting in loss of April sales, Roslan said. He revealed that the facelifted eaves and Persona LED headlights are some of the elements affected.

Roslan’s comments broadly correspond to an investor report published in March stating that Proton had to postpone new model launches in 2023 to focus on order backlogs and focus on resolving supply issues. Despite the company’s best efforts, sales in April fell 32.2% to 8,839 units, including 456 exports.

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