The Proton X50, X70, Exora top sales in their respective SUV and MPV segments,

Proton has announced on social media that three of its models are the sales leaders in their respective divisions – the Proton X70 in the C-segment SUV class, the Proton X50 in the B-segment SUV space and the Proton Exora in the C-segment. MPV Arena.

In the first four months of 2022, Proton sold 5,768 units of the X70, 8,730 units of the X50 and 1,048 units of the Exora. These are the statistics for April 2022. Proton claimed sales lead in April with the same three models – 1,530 units of the X70, 1,554 units of the X50 and 301 units of the Exora.

While it lags behind the Perodua Badger, the Saga remains Proton’s best-selling model with 4,579 units sold in April, the last full month of sales of the pre-MC2 facelift version. Elsewhere, the B-segment Persona sedans (622 units sold) and the Eris hatchback (253 units sold) were third and fourth in their respective divisions.

Earlier, Proton announced that sales, including exports (8,383 units internally), fell 32.2% to 8,839 units in April. Compared to the same month in 2021, this is a 41.1% decline. Market share also fell to an estimated 15.6% from 18.6% in March, although YTD numbers are still around 17%.

“After two years of epidemic-affected sales, the Malaysian automotive market is expected to grow strongly in 2022, as evidenced by the long waiting list for new car supplies. Proton is also trying to meet market demand, but we also have to acknowledge that it has been hit the hardest by chip supply issues, “said Proton Eder CEO Roslan Abdullah in the company’s April sales update.

He added that the company has secured its semiconductor supply for at least May and June and expects a “rapid change” in the coming months. “The situation is still uncertain for the rest of the year and the global car industry is under increasing spending pressure, but the company is working on countermeasures against these problems to ensure our customers get the best products and prices in Malaysia and abroad.” He said.

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