The Proton Saga MC2 2022 has been launched – four variants, also provided for ESC

A few months later spyshot And Teaser The Proton Saga MC2 Facelift 2022 has already officially launched this morning for internet browsing. This time it comes with four variants called 1.3 Standard MT, 1.3 Standard AT, 1.3 Premium AT and Full Specification Model 1.3 Premium S AT.

It is given a price RM34,400 It is also valued for 1.3 standard MT and 1.3 standard AT RM38,300. Although the price of 1.3 premium AT RM41,300 And RM44,300 1.3 For Premium S AT. All street prices (for peninsular Malaysia and without insurance) and still come with sales and service tax (SST) exemptions until 30 June 2022.

As you know, MC2 carries money Minor changes2So the changes in Saga 2022 are not very noticeable, only some improvements are involved in the internal and external features.

This means that the changes made do not involve mechanical parts. The Saga 2022 still uses the same 1.3-liter four-cylinder NA DOHC VVT engine with 95 PS of power at 5,750 rpm and 120 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm.

Using the front-wheel drive, it is either a five-speed manual (for the 1.3 standard MT variant) or a four-speed automatic (as before). In the case of the four-speed automatic transmission, this is actually a change introduced before the 2019 Saga MC1 to replace the CVT gearbox.

As mentioned in the preliminary paragraph, the changes made are only minimal, the Saga 2022 line continues to match the same bumper and light, still remains with the halogen unit and has not been upgraded to LED headlights.

Yet there have been some updates to the face of this 2022 saga, where the grill part has been patented ‘Infinite weave’ Already donated the new Proton Round Badge, which first appeared on Iris and Persona Facelift last year.

Also, for the premium S variant, Ethereal b Like the X50, the grille has a red finish on the chrome. Although the standard and premium variants will remain with the silver finish as before.

Not only that, the premium SO is the only variant available Skirt Thick and protruding side as well Skirt The front bumper also matches to provide balance. This highest specification model is given a black number plate space with the word proton, while other forms of the same color as the body. New features for the exterior include a black side mirror housing.

For rims, it will be given a new unit with a 15-inch silver ‘four-branch’ alloy rim for the premium and premium S variants (two-tone for the Premium S, single-tone for the premium), while using the standard variant unit Will continue to do. 14-inch steel.

The size of these two rims is wrapped in Atlas AS380 Tire-175/65 for 14-inch and 185/55 for 15-inch. If you want to know, Atlas is a tire made in China and it was chosen because it is said to be able to reduce advanced grip and road friction noise.

Across the cabin, minimal changes were also made. This time Saga got a redesigned center console with red details, including the center of the air conditioner funnel. The small chrome strip that separates the steering wheel buttons is also red.

Even a larger space is provided between the USB port and the 12V socket, the mobile phone can be placed. Also, a new touch has been added to the air conditioning control panel, with two iris / persona style buttons and two buttons in the middle. Like other new Proton models, the air conditioner also comes with an N95 cabin filter.

The three-spoke steering wheel has been given a new design for its airbag badge in the same style as the Axora, like the Eris and Persona. The loop of the instrument cluster is now redder than the previous silver.

For the Premium S, it also gets a new infotainment system. Left with a 7.0-inch touchscreen with reverse camera, it has been given a new operating system (OS) with new graphics with buttons ‘Home’ Like the X50 with the Proton logo and cover graphic “Check your luggage” Seen in the Perodua model.

For smartphone integration, it supports both Android and iOS Screen mirrorInstead of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

The premium touch screen system is still maintained, with only Android connection. The two maximum variants have four speakers and only two units for the standard variant.

For the Premium S, it is also given a red detail around the knot on the meter panel. This method was once used for the 2020 anniversary edition of Saga, which came with an air conditioner funnel section and a yellow finish in the center.

This top variant gets a partially wrapped seat with a synthetic leather (not urethane) wrapped steering wheel, a synthetic leather (no longer fabric) red stitching. All red touch features have been changed to silver for the premium variant and black for the standard. Both variants get full fabric-wrapped seats.

Other new features offered for the Premium S include a black interior finish, self-dimming interior lights, a keyless entry system and engine start buttons, automatic folding side mirrors and a boot opener from the outside.

For safety aspects, all variants have been expanded to standard AT variants with two airbags, ABS with EBD, Brake Assist (BA), Isofic Mount for rear seats and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system (Standard MT not yet ESC), except Attraction control And Hill Hold Assist (Previously only available in 1.3 premium AT variant).

The reverse camera and front parking sensor are provided for the top two variants. However, Autonomous emergency braking Not yet awarded for the 2022 Saga.

There is no change in color choice, it is still maintained with variety Snow White, Armored Silver, Jet Gray, Rosewood Maroon And Red ruby ​​stone. However, the standard variant can be chosen exclusively with all these colors Red ruby ​​stone.

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