The Proton Saga 2022’s suspension has been re-tuned

Proton Saga 2022, this is the version Facelift The second (MC2) for the third generation model was officially launched this morning. The well-known, updated Saga has been given a fresh exterior and interior look as well as various new details and technologies, but is still provided with the same mechanical system as the MC1 version launched in 2019.

Earlier in the day, however, during the launch event, Desmond John Pinto, Proton Sagar car program executive, revealed that the updated version of the Saga 2022 has been re-tuned for handling and comfort to provide better performance for that aspect.

Undoubtedly, the previous version already allowed the Saga to be superior in terms of operation and comfort compared to the competitors in the local A-segment sedan class. For this 2022 model, the Saga has been given new tires that are claimed to provide more traction while remaining cool while driving.

The tires in question to replace the previous model’s Silverstone Cruiser NS800 are the Atlas AS380 tires. Also, the Saga 2022 Shock Observer has been re-tuned for more comfort, but at the same time it maintains its good handling performance over previous models.

The Proton Saga 2022 has been offered in four different variants, with only three of the 2019 models added a sportier variant known as the Premium S at this time. It is sold starting from RM34,400 for 1.3 Standard MT, RM3,300 for M3 Standard MT, RM38,300 for 1.3 Standard AT, RM41,300 for 1.3 Premium AT and RM44,300 for 1.3 Premium S AT. .

All the latest Saga variants have got a front grille with the new Proton logo, 15-inch rims have been redesigned for the Premium and Premium S variants, the dashboard has new and redesigned switches as well as other details. Special for the Premium S, it comes with a new body kit, a two-tone rim finish, as well as red highlights in the cabin.

The most expensive models offer additional details such as a keyless entry system with engine start buttons, smartphone integration on the infotainment screen that supports via Android and iOS. Screen mirrorSelf-dimming cabin light, synthetic leather wrap steering wheel, synthetic leather semi-wrap seat, automatic foldable side mirror, boot opener from outside and more.

All Saga variants are still powered by a 1.3-liter four-cylinder NA DOHC VVT engine powered by 95 PS at 5,750 rpm and a maximum of 120 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm. Automatic models still get the Hyundai-supplied 4AT gearbox like the 2019 version, while the only manual variant still comes with the same five-speed gearbox.

For more details on Proton Saga MC2 2022 related prices, specifications and more, you can read the launch report at this link.

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