The project manager of the BMW 7 Series says the XM will be the heaviest car made by BMW

BMW’s heaviest SUV and heaviest vehicle will not arrive until next year as a production version of the XM SUV. Australian outlets Car sales BMWs talk about creating mass and gravitational pull of small planets with Christoph Fagslanger, project leader of the BMW 7 Series.

The new battery-electric 2023 BMW i7 weighs 5,820 pounds. To be fair, it’s just 132 pounds more than the battery-electric Mercedes-AMG EQS and 66 pounds more than a Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB. It weighs 159 pounds more than the 2023 X7, the M60i’s most powerful trim. Near the end of the embiggening, Fagschlunger said, “I don’t think cars will be heavier than they are now, and there are many reasons for that.”

Although electrification is responsible for the sudden jump in car weight, we need to keep in mind that enthusiasts (like us) have been crying out for heavier cars for at least 15 years. The primary culprits are not batteries, but luxury features, safety equipment, increasing adoption of all-wheel drive and the popularity of crossovers and SUVs. “Cars were getting heavier without safety regulations and then electrification, including NCAP and then luxury,” Fagslunger said. He explained that a modern luxury seat weighs at least 88 pounds heavier than 20 years ago, adding to car sales that some seats weigh more than 220 pounds. Understand these 22-way motors, massaging mechanisms and climate control equipment. This has become an important issue in terms of safety, as heavy vehicles require heavier structures to pass increasingly rigorous crash tests.

But BMW engineers believe that technology will begin to shave pounds from the platform as advances such as more power-dense batteries and greater use of active noise cancellation (noise loss heavier). Suppliers are working on features like car audio that use architecture as speakers, instead of loading a car with Ufar and Twitter (speakers are also heavy). Let’s hope the diet starts before it hits the industry wall.

If you want to see how far the 7 Series has come, PD Evolution has just revealed an eight-minute tour of how the executive sedan has evolved since its debut in 1977 – when it weighed “just” 3,527 pounds.

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