The patent for Ford Bronco applies to screen doors

In the years leading up to Ford Bronco’s release in 2021, engineers applied to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for less than nine patents for a variety of doors and door systems. Tinkers have not stopped thinking about ways to separate residents from the atmosphere, Drive A new patent application is coming up with a “screen to be placed across the opening in the car body.” This, in contrast to flexible doors with detachable suicide doors or airbags, will ensure the absence of the Bronco accessory catalog on the back porch of Arkansas.

Sounds like it, the paper describes a process of curtains on roof rollers that can be pulled across the roof and door openings. Activated in two ways, responsible for pulling a network of chains between tracks. The driver can press a dash button to mix everything up before drinking a cup of sweet tea. The other method is involuntary, the patent application claiming the system as a literal security net for the occupiers. In the event of an accident, pyrotechnic devices will deploy screens such as airbags, which will provide much greater protection for the sensitive parts of any person inside the vehicle. The vision is similar to one of the previous patents that featured a telescoping rod running from A-column to B-column that could help protect residents from side effects.

Of course, the ability to go sunset drive through the jungle with only your guests, not mosquitoes, would be a complementary advantage to rolling through the curtain doors assuming the net is good enough.

We’ve seen lots of half-doors for off-roaders like the Jeep Wrangler with aluminum mesh inserts, but nothing like screen doors. As far as we know, if this ever happens it will be the first, which seems unlikely.

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