The Mercedes Vision concept points the way to an all-electric AMG

Mercedes-AMG pulled the veil from the first car built on top of its Dedicated Performance EV platform. The Vision AMG Concept is a slinky four-door “coupe” whose design will inform potential Porsche Tycoon or Audi RS E-Tron GT rivals from the Three-Pointed Star.

“AMG is rediscovering itself. As was the case with our founding fathers, there’s been a wonderful feeling of a fresh start here in Alfertbach for quite some time now. About the .EA platform, Mercedes-AMG CEO Philip Schmeier said

The all-electric architecture is being built entirely internally, the company said. These include batteries, which some EV makers buy as packages from companies like Panasonic. Motors, too, avoid off-the-shelf components from companies like Bosch or Yamaha. Described as a compact, lightweight, and “significantly more powerful” provider than conventional motors, it is being built by YASA, which acquired Mercedes-Benz in 2021.

By design, a long wheelbase and inverted tail indicate the Vision EQXX concept in its profile. The front is dominated by a new headlight design in the form of a Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star logo. Although a grille is not required, a shape similar to the vertical bars of the AMG, which is illuminated, sits below the front light bar. AMG says that light can create different types of animations.

Several concessions from the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team can be found in the concept. The 22-inch wheels are similar to the tire-ringed and white-letter F1 car wheels Pirelli tires. The star logo pattern and exposed carbon fiber elements sprayed across the rear of the car are reminiscent of Tim Lever. The seal and rear diffuser also have Petronas Till highlights.

At the back, an active spoiler is placed to assist aerodynamics. Pasted below, the AMG One-up Corvettes and Skylines with six rounds of LED taillights, three on each side. With most of the car finished in album silver with side and rear glass, it looks like it’s set for a sci-fi movie.

“We are now giving a first glimpse of how we are transmitting AMG DNA to the all-electric future,” Schiemer said.

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