The Looney Tunes is coming to ‘Hot Wheels Unleashed’

Racing game news this week:

“Hot Wheels Unleashed” invites Looney Tunes to the party.

Adding “Hot Wheels Unleashed” content as it goes out of style and looking at the latest expansion packs seems like it could still be the most fun. The Looney Tunes expansion will launch July 14 and will include five new vehicles, a new themed track builder module, themed customization items for your in-game basement and player profile, and a brand new Looney Tunes Adventure Park environment. The environment itself will be divided into four different themed areas, one of which is inspired by the special area “the iconic desert set of Wiley E. Coyote’s epic failure.” The Looney Tunes expansion can be purchased separately or as part of the Hot Wheels Pass volume. 3, which will be available for purchase on 9th June itself Be sure to check out the gaming roundups over the weeks to learn more about the Toon-Tastic expansion.

Sony is producing a “Gran Turismo” TV show

Normally, investors’ calls aren’t very exciting, but every time a company gets some promotions it will drop some big news. It happened this week at a Sony investor call when the business decided to announce that it would adapt three more of their gaming franchises to television shows, one of which is “Gran Turismo.” Sony’s streaming-platform seems agnostic as the other two shows have announced, “God of War” and “Horizon”, coming to Amazon Prime and Netflix, respectively. Although there is no word yet on where the company “Gran Turismo” plans to release. Although not much is known about this yet, it is quite exciting to speculate. Will the series be live-action or animated? Drama or comedy? Will we get the weirdly compulsive first person scene, like the 2005 movie “Doom” starring The Rock and Carl Urban? Okay, maybe not, but we’re excited for the possibilities.

“Gran Turismo 7” gets new car

Three more cars have been added to the “Gran Turismo 7” and they have been added again for free The first is the 2021 Toyota GR010 hybrid. This is Toyota’s hypercar-class entry in the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship, and it has already won a Le Mans under its belt. Then there’s the Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo, a two-seater roadstar concept with styling from the Suzuki Swift hatchback. Finally, SEMA Gran Turismo has the award winning Roadstar Shop Rampage. It is a heavy-modified second generation Chevy Camaro designed for race track duty. Cars are now available in the game.

Steam has a racing fest on sale until May 30th

If you are a PC gamer, don’t forget to check out the latest Steam Cell called Steam Racing Fest. The event runs from now until May 30 and offers huge sales in one ton of racing games. For example, “NFS Heat,” “The Crew 2” and “Assetto Corsa” are all 80% off; “Forza Horizon 4” 67% discount; “Hot Wheels Unleashed” 50% discount; Even “iRacing” 33% discount. Also, in honor of the event, the gorgeous “Circuit Superstars” is hosting a free weekend this weekend, allowing players to enjoy all the modes and content of the free game until Sunday. If you want to buy it, it is also discounted as part of the sale. Let us know if you would like to take advantage of any deals in the comments below! Happy racing.

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