The Lego 1500-piece Optimus Prime was actually converted into a truck

Lego has partnered with another popular franchise, redesigning its IP with small plastic bricks. This time around, it was Transformers, a toy line of 1980s robots that turned into vehicles and vice versa. The first set to appear is none other than Optimus Prime, the protagonist of the series, the leader of the well-guy Autobots. Incredibly, like the original toy, the Lego robot was transformed into a semi-truck half-tractor.

The Lego Optimus Prime consists of 1,508 pieces and is 13.5 inches long in robot shape. Fortunately, this is an original 1980s image instead of an unnecessarily complex version of the Michael Bay reboot movies. In robot mode, it has 19 point articulation, which is probably more than the original toy.

Also, the Optimus comes with an ion blaster gun, an “energy” battle ax and a jetpack. It comes with a (The?) Matrix, an Arab that leads the container according to the series lore, and an energygon cube, the bright cliff bar digested by the inhabitants of the Transformer universe.

In truck mode, the original Optimus was based on a Freightliner FL86. Not the exact match for the Lego kit, but the COE form is usually correct. The Lego version is 10.5 inches long in car mode. There is no trailer like the original toy, not even one that you can buy separately. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly – because the cartoon’s appearance and disappearance were so irrational that fans had to come up with a completely behind-the-scenes story to explain it.

Lego is definitely plumbing in the depths of 1980s nostalgia, Ghostbusters Ecto-1, and Back to the future DeLorean Time Machine featuring other recent releases. The Lego Optimus Prime will be priced at $ 169.99 when it goes on sale June 1.

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