The Jeep performance model will not be damaged with the Toe rating I6, Boss said

Motor authority Jeep chief Jim Morrison with a few pointed questions about changing stores for the lineup at the New York Auto Show. Now that Hurricane Inline-Sixty is official, the walls written for the death of Hemi V8’s Hellcat and Chrysler’s family have been washed away and are floating on the floor. Since you already know how some of us feel about Hemi, this is not exactly bad news. It leaves the trackhawk trim and goes down the one-way street, though, since the Jeep Grand Cherokee has announced the end of the V8. When MA asked Morrison about the future trackhawk, he replied, “I don’t know. Could it be a variant of the trackhawk? Electric hawk? Who knows …”

But when one door closes, another opens. Stellantis has refused to acknowledge the performance hybrid game plan for Hurricane I6, but such an engine is coming. This quote from M.A. We can do our best to close the case without a body, unless the Jeep plans to follow AMG in a four-cylinder shout: “Morrison said Motor authority There will be performance variants of the WL generation Grand Cherokee, but they will not be powered by V-8. “

Morrison also (mostly) dropped the chance to enjoy a V8 of the Jeep Gladiator or some factory-fit off-road upgrade offered to Wrangler. Compared to Wrangler, gladiator fractions cannot justify sales development costs. Those who tow will not be sacrificed by the removal of the two cylinders and the electrification step. “We may have a different solution for them (those who tow),” said Morrison, MA. See Motor Authority for Jeep Goss.

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