The Honda Prologue is shown in the teaser – co-developed with the electric SUV GM,

Honda posted Teaser Their first new electric SUV, which will be fully operational by early 2024. It is also the first result of a collaboration between General Motors and a Japanese manufacturer and will transform models using the Acura badge.

The prologue will be Honda’s first EV to be sold in North America, and through this digital drawing, we can see that it uses a clean and smooth design, with a clean shoulder line, rear windows and a black finish around the wheels and underneath. The headlights and grills, which look like car masked eyes, are said to be inspired by the Honda e, while the air on the side of the bumper uses a vertical shape to open.

This SUV is located in the charging area Fender Left side with side mirrors attached to doors like new Civic and HR-V. According to Honda, they have focused on aerodynamics to reduce wind noise and this is considered important because the propulsion itself is already silent.

Cadillac Lyric

Behind its core, the prologue will use GM’s modular electrical platform as well as ultium battery technology, such as GMC Hummer EV, Chevrolet Silverado EV and Cadillac Lyric. No specification details have been revealed, but we can expect something of the same size as the lyric.

The Lyriq is offered in two variants, the first one using one motor, rear wheel drive and 340 hp / 440 Nm of power, the other two motors, all-wheel drive and around 500 hp. The 100 kWh lithium ion battery in it is capable of providing 502 km range for two-wheel drive version and it can receive a 190 kW DC fast charger, which can provide 100 km range after charging in just 10 minutes.

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