The Honda Prologue electric SUV has been previewed with the first official photo

Honda has been talking about its EV collaboration with GM for a long time, but today we finally got our first glimpse of some of the physics that came from it. And by physical, we mean a computer rendering.

This is the first official image of Honda Prologue, which Honda wants to launch in 2024 When it comes to officially launching Honda products in prototype or manufacturing form, this is a rather primitive concealment – Honda tends to keep it. The product is close to his vest. Unfortunately, the single picture of the prologue you see here is the flesh of today’s news. But even with that left, it allows us to have a neat little preview of this SUV.

The proposal is the result of a collaboration between Honda Los Angeles Design Studio and designers in Japan. Conceptually, the idea was to create an SUV that looks modern and fresh, but also looks comfortable in an existing Honda car showroom. Honda says the aerodynamics project had a huge focus, because better arrows mean more range and reduced cabin air noise. As a result, Honda says it’s finished with a smooth, clean surface for its body lines.

“As the leader in Honda Prologue’s exterior design project, it was exciting to work with a young team of designers with new abilities to create an SUV with clean, straight lines and the powerful impact of our global EV models. Honda E, ”says Zero Ikeda, Exterior Design Leader. “In our current lineup you can see that we have balanced it with a neo-ragged look, so that the prologue represents a real Honda EV.”

You will notice in the single photo that the prologue has a long wheelbase, short front overhang and fleshy tires. There is an opening for air to pass through the bottom of the bumper, but no dramatic grille. It has a relatively narrow black band on a shield that runs across the front of the car, and this piece has side edges and the Honda logo on both the front and center. The rich accents painted in black give this silver car an exquisite and eye-catching two-tone look and the oversized wheels in this photo are drawing a lot of attention to themselves. Finally, we will mention that the charging port is featured in the front fender.

In Honda’s presentation to the media, it says that the first priority for sales of the Prologue will be the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) states, but it is expected that it will be launched elsewhere soon. Honda has not yet said exactly where it will make the prologue, but said it will be able to assemble the car at its own convenience. Following the launch of the prologue, Honda says that the first EVs built on its own in-house Honda e: Architecture will arrive in 2026.

To support prologues and future EVs, Honda says it is installing Level 2 and fast charging stations at dealerships across the country. Honda has shown us below some pictures of a new design language for dealers. The white and blue scheme remains, but the building itself looks much more modern and futuristic than Honda’s current dealers. Before your eagle-eyed commentators point it out in pictures, yes, we also see Euro Market Honda HR-V / Japan Market Honda Vegel in the photo of US-Intent Dealership.

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