The Honda Civic Type R 2023 will make its full debut for the world stage

The new generation Honda Civic Type R, based on the hatchback version of the 11th-generation Civic, has been featured several times in a prototype version with a full camouflage sticker – it was first shown in October last year, then tested on the Suzuka circuit next month, as well as last January. The auto salon will be open to the public during 2022. So when exactly will this model be fully published?

This information has been reported in the report of the Australian portal The Honda Civic Type R 2023 will be officially unveiled worldwide next month, citing a statement from Honda Australia director Stephen Collins! “Yes [Civic Type R baharu] Will be fully disclosed – there are many details that were previously hidden – in June during the summer in Europe, “Collins said.

Honda Australia’s boss further said that the announcement of the arrival of the high-performance Civic model in the country’s market will be made after the announcement. Collins has not given any indication as to when this new generation Type R will be sold in Australia Car sales It is understood to come later this year.

Although the original look of this Civic Type R 2023 is still hidden behind a camouflage sticker, it appears that it has been given Fender Which is thicker than the standard Civic hatchback to make it wider, as well as a more aggressive front bumper with a beehive material with upper and lower grille featuring larger air intake holes.

The front wheel bogie has an airflow vent at the back, while the rear bumper is provided Diffuser Which is quite aggressive as well as still placing three exhaust tips in the middle. The rear spoiler of this new generation Civic Type R is still large, but it is now designed in the GT-Wing style, with the legs attached to the pillars on either side of the rearview mirror.

Similar to the existing generation Civic Type R FK8, this replacement model comes with Michelin pilot sport tires with large rims, as well as a Brembo brake set that is clearly visible on the other side, with seats. Bucket Red next to the cabin.

Honda has not yet commented on the technical features of the Civic Type R 2023. Yet it can still use the same power network unit as the Type R FK8 but given different levels of value. In the current model, the Honda Civic Type R is powered by a K20C1 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder engine powered by 320 PS (306 hp) and a maximum of 400 Nm of torque, with only a six-speed LSD unit for front wheel drive with manual gearbox.

Last month, Honda released a test video of the Suzuki Civic Type R 2023 prototype unit – confirming that the test driver had changed his own gear with a manual gearbox, the prototype unit was able to record a lap time faster than 1 second. Most FK8 production models. Hardcore And the lightest civic type R limited edition on the circuit!

For the previous model, the Civic Type R is a global model that is not only sold in Europe, the United States and Japan, but has also been officially launched in the Southeast Asian market. It was launched by Honda Malaysia in the local market in November 2017, selling for RM320,000.

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