The Honda Air Blade 160 was launched in Vietnam – a new generation model with an engine

While we are still waiting for the Verio 160 (also known as Click 160) to arrive in the country, Vietnam seems to have got another 160cc scooter called the Air Blade 160. This is a new generation model whose main change is the side of the engine.

In terms of appearance, it still looks pretty much the same as the model launched in 2020, but it can be seen that there are differences in the size of the side panels as well as in the exhaust. The Air Blade 160 has four color options and is priced from 55.9 million dong (RM10,600) to 57.19 million dong (RM10,830).

With this new 156.9 cc single-cylinder fuel injection engine, the power of the air blade is increased to 15 hp at 8,000 rpm and 14.6 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm, compared to the previous 12.9 hp and 13.3 Nm of torque. This four-valve ESP + engine also comes with the system Stop start.

The Air Blade 160 seat has 23.2 liters of storage space (0.5 liters larger than before) and it also has lights and a USB charger. The suspension uses a match Thorns Telescopic and two shock absorbers, while the rim uses a 14-inch size. The front brakes use a disc system and come with ABS as standard.

Other features of the Air Blade 160 include an LCD digital instrument panel, LED lights and a keyless system. The total weight of the scooter is 114 kg and the seat height is 775 mm.

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