The goal of the anti-rollover semi-truck system is to protect drivers from high winds

Semi-trucks are the fuel line of our economic structure, transporting goods to retailers and manufacturers around the world. Operators of these huge vehicles often face the wrath of nature, more specifically, high winds. Axicle Engineering has developed an anti-rollover fifth wheel system to prevent semi-truck operators from completely rolling over due to these high winds. The Tractor Anti Rollover System (TARS) will keep the driver and truck on the road when it encounters an “irreversible rollover condition” that will open and detach the trailer. Axicle claims 99.99% accuracy with its algorithms and sensors. Currently, TARS is designed for Class-8 trucks. Earlier this year, Axicle used a Boeing 777 to test its TARS system using a jet engine to drop off the semi-truck and its load. The system worked as promised, keeping the truck straight when the trailer was tipped. If you’re a semi-truck driver, what do you think of this technology? Let us know in the comments.

Click here to see the Boeing 777 engine display:

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