The first images of the 2022 BMW 3 Series Facelift – G20 LCI appear; Headlamps, thin

In March of this year, the BMW i3 was unveiled for China as a fully electric version of the G20 3 series, which was first launched in 2018. The design of the codenamed G28, i3 was markedly different from the current 3 series, and if we use our imagination. To remove the EV-specific signals, we basically got a preview of a facelift (or Life Cycle Impulse if you like BMW Speak) for what the new 3er would look like.

Well, we don’t need to use our imagination anymore because the images of the 3 Series Facelift have been published in the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which clearly shows the changes in our design. According to Chinese media outlets, the revised 3er is set to launch in China in the second half of this year.

In these images, we can see several units of the Facelifted 3 Series in different colors and combinations of different trims and wheels. Focusing on general corrections first, there is a new octagonal shaped grille that achieves a slightly vertical height compared to the one it replaced. Different grille frame finishes as well as inserts are available depending on the specifications of the vehicle.

The shaded grille is enclosed by a slimmer headlamp with a “chloe” design and features a reversed L-shaped LED that doesn’t have daytime running lights. Referring to the Fender badges, all the vehicles pictured appear to be wearing an M Sport Kit, which has been updated. The front bumper, apparently different from the i3, is now dominated by a larger central intake, with an L-shaped trim at the corners.

As with the rear bumper, it also has a more commanding presence with larger, diffuser-like components that link to the side angular air outlets. The entire lower part is finished in black for contrast and has a trapezoidal-shape instead of a round exhaust finish. The 3 Series’s taillights and overall profile appear to be unchanged, and sedans will continue to be available in the Chinese standard- and long-wheelbase configuration.

BMW i3 interior

Inside, the Facelifted 3 Series achieves a larger widescreen display that will mimic the i3, which is also seen in the latest BMW operating system 8 – the i4. The living space in front of the EV will also be carried and things like the preferred row, small display screen for climate system and climate system control will be excluded (it has been integrated into the touchscreen).

Depending on the engine, expect a range of three-, four- and six-cylinder engines, possibly amplified by light hybrid and plug-in hybrid technology. Based on these images, the variants available in China include 320i, 320Li, 325Li and 330Li.

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