The Ferrari SP48 Unica debuted, based on the F8 Tribute

Say hello to the Ferrari SP48 Unica, the latest addition to the one-off series of the printing horse. It is based on the F8 Tribute and designed by Ferrari Styling Center under the direction of Chief Designer Flavio Manzoni.

The two-seater Berlineta is attractive from all angles. Almost everything you know about the F8 Tribute is gone, but its arrow-shaped nose (and wheel design) remains one of the most recognizable similarities. The headlights are new, such as the 3D grille (first seen in Roma, but more prominent here) and the bonnet design.

The A-columns are blacked out to create a floating glass effect, and the colors graduate from the center to the back of the roof to create a beautiful dramatic aerial scene. Ferrari calls it “procedural graphics”. The emphasis in the play is on removing the rear windscreen.

All this is done without any cost of aerodynamics. Thanks to its thermal-fluid-dynamic design, Ferrari says the SP48 Unica is guaranteed to meet all cooling requirements. The engine is cooled by a pair of intakes on the front bumper and under the rear spoiler.

Each eclipse has a deep systematic grille and the paths are optimally angled to maximize airflow. The redesign allows engineers to install an additional intercooler intake behind side windows, which allows them to reduce the level of flank intake.

The rear axle also has more downforce, thanks to the long rear overhang. Except for the dual exhaust exit, nothing is carried from the F8 Tribute. Everything is suitable here including LED tail lights, bumper design and huge diffuser.

Inside, however, is a slightly different story. It’s a lot like a donor car, but with custom work such as specially developed black laser-perforated Alcantara upholstery, complete with iridescent red-orange fabric to provide contrast. Other notable touches include polished seal covers with laser-embossed hexagonal motifs, matte carbon-fiber trimming, and grizzly cana de fusil (gray) accents.

No changes have been made to the powertrain, so the SP48 Unica runs on the same 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine at 8,000 rpm and 770 Nm developer (720 PS) at 3,250 rpm. Performance statistics should be similar – F8 dashes a century in 2.9 seconds, 0-200 km / h in 7.8 seconds, and tops out at 340 km / h. Includes all driving-related features, such as the latest Side Slip Angle Control 6.1 and Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer (FDE +).

For now, no one knows who commissioned Ferrari to build the SP48 Unica, but the automaker said it was “designed for long-time clients who were deeply involved in every step of the way.” This is the way to do it if you want to change your Ferrari. Otherwise, you’re just being blacklisted.

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