The Delage D12 prototype is coming to the US this summer

We’re sure anyone can count how many plans have been misled by Covid in the last two years, but none of us are. What’s important is that we know that the Delage D12 was one of those who stopped off track for a while, but the revived French brand is still here and says that its F1 car for the road is going to go into production soon. The garment has a functional prototype at the end and has already been sampled by potential European buyers. Wild Blue Looker was meant to take a respectable lap around the Miami Grand Prix circuit during last weekend’s festival, but we’re not sure it happened. The town of South Florida is home to one of Dalez’s two dealership, specialty car collections in the United States. The other is the Southern California Deluge on Newport Beach. The D12 Runner is scheduled to make another trip to Monterey Car Week in August this year, the same venue where Delage sold a few units earlier in 2020.

Picking things up from where they left off in 2020, CEO Laurent Tapie unveiled the car he wants to break Nurburging’s passenger car lap record. There are two D12 trims, both powered by a 7.6-liter naturally ambitious V12, which produces 960 horsepower and is powered by an eight-speed, single-clutch automatic manual transmission. In the GT trim, ICE is powered by a 110-hp electric motor, generating a total of 1,100 hp. In track-focused club trim, the e-motor produces only 20 horses, but the car loses 200 pounds and is faster around a track than the GT. The electric motor of the club is really used for road driving, reverse and parking.

And yes, it’s a passenger car. The two occupants in the cockpit sit side by side, open like a bubble canopy fighter jet – two features that make the Delage D12 look like the Czinger 21C, four if you count the carbon fiber body panels and alliteration. Tapie says the D12 sets itself apart from all other road cars by having a pushroad suspension. French engineer Mauro Bianchi is said to have patented the Pushroad design and blessed Tapir’s team. When we get a chance to talk to Tapie, we will ask her how her pushroad design differs from the pushroad setup Lamborghini used in the Aventador for over a decade.

This fall, the two-seater entered a production run of just 30 instances, 10 for the United States, the rest for the rest of the world. The first delivery is scheduled for early 2023, and buyers will have the opportunity to sign up for driving lessons from Delage’s development driver, former F1 driver World Champion Jack Villeneuve. One of the options before the base D12 and the list of 30 subscribers would cost € 2 million ($ 2.1M US). For everyone else, check out the long interview with Tapie Maxim Learn more about how he got the idea for the D12, why he insisted on the naturally ambitious V12, and why he wanted a racing driver over an engineer to tune the dynamics.

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