The debut of the next-gen Ford Mustang in April 2023 was rumored

The world saw the first sixth generation (S550) Ford Mustang in late 2013; Its replacement could make its debut ten years later. Cars and drivers The new car could make its debut on April 17, 2023, according to a review of changes and holdovers we will see in the upcoming S650 Mustang. If that happened then the seventh-gen Mustang would greet the world exactly 59 years after the first Mustang was greeted in 1964. New York World Fair.

We’ve seen lots of spy shots of next generation pony cars. To this day, all of them offer evolutionary advice rather than revolutionary style. Powertrains are also considered to be small steps ahead. Without adventure, the 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder and 5.0-liter V8 will power the new car. The C / D says the four-cylinder can run up to 320 horsepower – a ten-horsepower increase compared to the current base engine. It is not clear if there is anything for the stock Coyote V8.

The news under the hood is the news of the arrival of a hybrid Mustang that Ford has already said will deliver “V8-like performance with more low-end torque.” In 2018, Ford told us that the hybrid version would arrive in 2020 Whenever it appears, the term “V8-like performance” leads us to believe that a combination of less than eight cylinders will be used for electrification surgery.

We can probably expect to see some chassis upgrades to make the Mustang perform better against the Camaro, although the Camaro is expected to say goodbye as the new Mustang enters. While the Mustang is likely to be the last ICE pony car to stand before the electric or the helm of the competition, the Mustang may have the most advantage of standing as the last horse with a special edition. We know there is a GT3 race car on the way. Ford and Multimatic have been promoting the Mustang FR500C GT for 13 years until 2019, but the road car has left buyers out of the fun. We hope Ford won’t do the same this time.

Inside where a lot of money has been spent. Buyers will be greeted in a digital gauge cluster behind a flat-bottom steering wheel. The cluster swims in a driver-centric infotainment system and boasts a large screen, all set up in one cabin with the quality and feel of the upgraded material.

If the estimated release date is true, then we have only 11 months to wait, assuming that world events will not go down the drain any further.

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