The complete Rod ’92 Camaro in Purple Hedge is only 25,000 miles

Looking for some rad? You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? Okay, kindly allow me to finish with this absolutely red 1992 Chevrolet Camaro RS, T-Tops and Purple Hedge Paint. Q: Is there a better color than this? The answer is “no,” however, now that I’m observing the color selection for the ’92 camera, thanks to Chevrolet for a spectacular color selection that’s basically the opposite of any color palette today. In addition to the Purple Hedge, you have Dark Till, Polo Green II and Dark Green-Gray metallic material (yes, three shades of green were given in such a great era in ’92), plus Dark Red and Bright Red (yes, two reds). , Electric Medium Quasar Blue Metallic (sadly not named Kiss the Sky Blue Metallic to complete the theme), and suitable for -2022 Black and Arctic White. It’s just this kind of vitality and fun very-serious, very-Bro Camaro is completely missing today.

However, the final model of this Camaro third generation model comes from the year that lasted 11 years (and to be honest, I think it deserves more attention and respect than it deserves). It was also Cameroon’s 25th anniversary, so they all had a special badge on their dash, like this red one. Like every third-generation camera since 1988 and beyond, it was built in the San Fernando Valley in Van Nuys, LA, California – for many reasons. Car production in Los Angeles. Strange. What next, Quebec?

The RS model was the base model introduced in 1989, although it was effectively the same body kit as the IROC-Z (discontinued after ’90) and the previous Z28. It came standard with a 2.8-liter V6, but the 5.0-liter V8 has 170 horsepower and is good for 255 lb-ft of torque because it has a four-speed automatic. It produced 230 hp with manual, so the original owner made a really bad choice in that regard. Their paint selection basically makes up for it.

Other options include leather seats, glass tee tops and a Delco Bose sound system. The car is located in Tigard, Oregon, just outside Portland and is 24,904 miles away. The small dealer is asking $ 19,995. Is it too much? Probably, but sometimes it costs a lot to be rad.

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