The CEO of Rivian believes that the battery supply chain will be the next disaster

A year ago, executives in the automotive industry generally believed that we would emerge from staggering car prices, chip shortages, and supply chain crises, and that we would begin to feel the warmth of a return to normalcy. Life has poured as much water on those ideas as Mother Nature did in New England recently when she delivered enough rain and snow (mid-April!) To leave thousands without power. Lately, future forecasts have been getting worse, and Revian CEO RJ Scarring still has the worst news. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal“The semiconductors that we’re going to experience in battery cells over the next two decades are a small appetite,” said EV Honcho.

Scaringe believes that ICE is going to show a lack of readiness in the entire battery supply chain to produce final packs from compacted timeline mines to switch millions of personal car sales from battery-electric. At the moment, “90% to 95% of the supply chain does not exist” to meet the targets set by the government and OEMs for a decade from now. In the U.S. last year, 5% of total car sales were hybrid, 3% was EV, both a record number. To reach this percentage, demand for lithium-ion batteries has grown by an average of 37% per year since 2015, the journal says, showing a 50% jump this year.

No part of the battery industry can hold it, and we’re not sure the world can. Lithium is gaining its nickname as “white gold”, its exploration pushes developments that could be fracking for oil for minerals, sparking controversy among climate groups and leading to such statements, “Many of us understand a mountain blown coal. Wrong for mining; I think blowing up a hill for lithium mining is just as wrong. “

Wouldn’t it be interesting if history books record that humanity accelerated its flight into space because it found the minerals needed to save the earth? (Don’t worry, it’s coming.) We’re not sure if the Canaries are the birds of choice in the lithium mine, but check out what Scarring says. The Wall Street Journal.

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