The car in Singapore refueled in Johor and left without paying

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Here is a strange incident of a Singapore car refueling in Johor and leaving without paying. Curious because we can’t pinpoint exactly how it happened – maybe you can help.

So here’s the case. Singapore-registered Kia Sorento You can see here that diesel was purchased at a petrol station in Bukit Indah, JB. The driver did not actually buy the fuel except because he / she allegedly left the station without paying. The petrol station then puts up a notice and Kear a CCTV screengrab, telling the owner to come back and settle the bill.

Like most misdemeanors today, it has gone viral, picked up by social media pages in Singapore. The caption on the SGRV admin Facebook page reads “Kia Sorento Diesel failed to pay for fuel in Bukit Indah, Johor. Bukit Indah JB has asked to post the cashier of the petrol station. They searched for a number plate for the SNA 9151 S and the official data shows 2.2D, so it is alleged that the diesel was stolen.

However, unlike RON 95 petrol, Singapore vehicles are allowed to pump diesel into Malaysia, but purchases at petrol stations within 25 kilometers of the Malaysia-Singapore border are limited to 20 liters per day (within the Bukit Indah region). The price of diesel in Singapore is about S $ 3 (RM9.60) per liter and in Malaysia, subsidized diesel for Euro 5 B10 and B20 blends is limited to RM2.15 per liter. Based on these prices and the 20L range, the savings for the Kia Sorento is RM149.

It’s okay not to pay for what you buy. Singaporeans are already saving a lot (more with the current SGD-MYR exchange rate) and definitely not worth going viral for a profit of less than S $ 50? Inflation is on the rise everywhere (Newsflash to Malaysians: Yes, even in SG), but unlike in Malaysia, you are pretty good if you have a car, and not the recent Sorrento, Picanto. There is a chance that the driver really forgot, of course.

But how it happened is our puzzle. Presumably, the Kia driver went for cash purchase and did not ask for payment before approving the cashier pump? Asking them to keep some cash to buy a full tank is quite ideal for them, so this transaction is probably cut off. What do you think?

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