The California Pilot Program allows license plate stickers on the front

The story is that just before the Jaguar launched the E-Type in 1961, the company sought an exemption from the mandatory front plate installation of the British government. The government refused. That’s why the first e-type hood reading had a huge sticker, “9600 HP,” the coupe’s own sticker was “77 RW.” The search for a car’s front-end design continues to decline, and California could provide a solution for everyone: Hydroponic Reported that the state now allows the sticker to be used as a front license plate.

It took nine years and five bills to reach this point in the California state legislature, and the program is still in the pilot phase. In 2013, the California Senate mandated DMV in a brainstorming way to avoid the annual rugmaroll of sending stickers and cards to car owners. A company in Huntington Beach, California, submitted its idea to the Senate in 2014 for a license plate sticker called License Plate Wrap. After receiving approval, LPW passed multiple tests with the California Highway Patrol, then succeeded through a pilot program involving 28 fleet vehicles. .

The investigative program has expanded and is open to the public. For interested CA residents, the first step on board is to make sure your registration is current. Go to the LPW site and choose from a menu of eight types of plates. Provide information for the plate – the same details you would like to give to the DMV and vehicle mileage. Here’s the anacronistic part: LPW doesn’t take credit cards, so you can only pay with PayPal or by sending a check, money order or cashier’s check. The cost is $ 85 plus tax, which comes to $ 93.89 and is above the DMV fee for special plates. Delivery takes three to six weeks, and for the pilot program, LPW must be notified when the packaging is installed. And seeing that this is a front plate replacement program, the sticker needs to be placed where the police and the camera can still read it.

Finally, the company recommends using stickers only on well-painted cars, stating that “if the car has genuine factory paint work or high quality paint, removing the LPW will not damage the paint.”

The bill that led to the program asked the California DMV to “evaluate the use of sticker, tab, license plate and registration card options subject to certain requirements ….” This is generally the license plate, and California does not mandate stickers on the front plate, only on the back. We suspect that if it finds widespread acceptance among the public and among police departments, the rear plates may also be wrapped.

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