The beauties and beasts of Spring Scramble at Besister Heritage

Almost every time I travel to an event where I question why I’m doing it. Sometimes it’s like standing at a service station, staring at rows of coarse-looking sandwiches, wondering which one would at least poison me, or perhaps driving through a rainstorm at the edge of aquaplaning at the Central Reservation. Often though, the alarm goes off at some point on the weekends and it surprises me Why Why am I even doing it?

So I went to Spring Scramble at Bester Heritage.


Scramble is an event of diversity, from unattainable classics to more everyday; Exclusive showcase cars inside a field of what is seen outside. But for this special reception, it is home to both beauties and animals.


Mitsubishi Starion: Beauty

Of course, everyone’s definition of ‘beauty’ is a bit different, but to me this stereo is a beautiful car. Of course, it doesn’t have a curve like the Ferrari 250 or so, but it does have the character and the cheekbones for which it dies. The beauty of origami angularity. Even though it has the audacity to admire, not exactly forgotten, but in the world of Skyline and Supras, stereos are somewhat wallflowers.

This particular wide-body example of the seductive 80s lipstick red stands out from the collection of 1960s and 70s classics in all the right ways. It looked like the future – which I guess – but somehow it still has that look, like we never got a glimpse of the designer’s vision of what will happen tomorrow.


Hotchkiss: Animals

There are very few cars that can attract the word ‘beast’ like the pre-war Brookland racer. This Hotchkiss is an impressive thing – huge body, huge wheel, all the mechanics are right in front of you. Authentic, raw and purposeful. Notice how the driver is sitting on one side? Not only is Brooklands then a big old left-turn loop, it allows the driver to sit down with the drive shaft next to it.

Driving at this speed has certainly been hair-raising. It’s almost hard to point out how dangerous racing was then, but it repeats itself as a reminder of how far we’ve come in motorsport.


ডkoda 1100 OHC: Beauty

Now, this beautiful race car is a Skoda 1100 OHC, or Type 968 depending on how official you want it to be. This prototype is not only beautiful to look at, the story behind it is also wonderful. When there was a financial crisis in the late 50’s, a dedicated group of ডkoda factory engineers gave their time to effectively build this prototype out of their mere racing enthusiasm, when there was no official motorsport department. It’s really nice to see াkoda UK bring it out to the crowd (another example is in a museum). Since াkoda is a brand that has been much insulted in the UK for a certain generation, it has surprised many.

Like many racers of the 50’s, it looks vaguely terrifying to keep in motion as it is short, light and thin skinned. With this particular car we will appreciate its lines and leave the physical pleasures to the little brave people.


VW High Top: Beast

In the parking area I came across this ratty VW splitscreen. Unusually for one of these high peaks, the windows are held in place and moved up along the roof line. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone like it. Despite the fact that it would take a shot of your tetanus to get too close, it was actually quite clear. There was some controversy as to whether the patina was really real or whether the paint had encountered some sanding disc at some point.

Parked next to the very finely presented e-type, it shows the range of accessories at the Sunday Scramble. However if we are bad and talk about financial value they can stay in the same ball park.


BMW 2002: Beauty

Have you ever seen a car that has been assembled so meticulously but so meticulously minimized that you will be forgiven for avoiding it and moving on? Anyway, at least you didn’t go down without explaining yourself first. Is every extra detail pulling you into its world, and a little less due to comparing every car of the same type that you see later? No? Ami and no.

However, this is Rob Richardson’s BMW 2002, and no, he’s not going to tell you the features of his wheels. If he does, it won’t really help you, because even though it looks like some wheels and looks a bit reduced, it’s much more. Rob is a person who knows precisely how he wants his cars to fit and will do all the engineering needed to get there. Instead of a display of spare parts attached to the car, he has his eye on a few details that make something complete. Originally for a little silver three box beamer, it’s amazing how many people have launched this car in the photo gallery. Or maybe not; It is absolutely perfect.


Jaguar XJR-15: Beast

Is it beauty or animal? It’s elegant to look at the bottom of that lever, but at the heart of it all is a Group C machine made for the road. The Jaguar XJR-15 is a fantastic raw car – no storage space, no animal comfort, almost no noise. In fact, the car comes with a headset for you and your passengers so you can talk to each other. Although this car is faster than its contemporaries. 60mph faster than its XJ220 successor. It was the first to make all-carbon fiber and Kevlar road-going cars. This is a race car which is just a road car.

The example here is taxed and tested for UK roads and it must be a complete hut and go inside. It goes without saying that no one is likely to come to you at the petrol station. ‘I had one of these’, But if they did, well, it would certainly be a conversation.


Lamborghini Uraco: Beauty

Lamborghini Urraco has previously shared some features with Starion. An angular wedge design, and a car consistent with its decade and admired the sea of ​​other cars. It is arguable that intoxicants of choice runs the taste in bullfighting. Its stock in the trade now seems to be a variety of cars YouTube Influential people buy to shout louder than the people next to them that not only their success, they also have a very dubious taste.

There is something quite brilliant about this design. Sitting in a case of other classics – including its famous Countach siblings – it was quietly interesting. It doesn’t jump up and scream for attention, but it doesn’t help to see it every time you pass. A car of calm confidence is always a beautiful thing.


Toyota Century: Beast

It’s weird to think of a refined vehicle like the Toyota Century as an animal, but to me it is. It may wander around carrying space for celebrities and statesmen, but beneath this veneer of elegance is a 5.0L V12 ready to be somewhat spicy for anyone. Not only that, take a second to see it. This body shape has no smooth lines or nodes for civilization. It is slab lateral and unapologetic. It makes a statement. A bold statement. If you don’t like it, well, you won’t be able to hear it through the dense-glazed windows anyway.

All refinements and some were rather excellent in the display of this particular example Hokusai ‘Great Wave’ cushion on the back. After a long day of walking, talking and taking pictures, I would love to have a ferry to this house.


Sprinkled on top for a breakfast club or car and coffee-type match, the Besister Heritage Sunday Scramble has become something really special. The car park is full of interesting things, as well as many porches. The main site always seems to turn on an unexpected highlight. It has also become a place where you can reliably guarantee that you will see some friends, although which one is always an amazing one.


The next time I set my alarm for a time when it was still dark in summer, I would just have to remind myself what was waiting on the other end of the journey. Because in this parable, the destination is not the journey that matters.

David Murphy
Instagram: Retroroid Official

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