The 2023 Nissan Z launch has been delayed until the summer

In early March, Nissan Z caused some uproar in the world when a slide uploaded to Facebook created a timeline for the launch of the brand new 2023 Z. So far, we expect the launch to be close enough to be able to hear. Clicking on the Abacus as Nissan dealers decide how much ADM to add. The good news was that the price of the automaker was announced in Japan yesterday. Instead, at the bottom of the Japanese press release, announcing the yen needed to take home, a footnote announced, “The release date was originally set for the end of June, but due to the recent impact on parts supply, it has changed. Summer. Depending on parts supply situation. Disclosure schedule may change. ” When Cars and drivers When Nissan asked North America about our situation, the outlet received the same answer: “The summer of 2022 is a bit late.”

If we are moving hard by the rotation of the earth, then it takes the previous spring 2022 deadline from June 21, the last day of summer, to the autumn equinox of September 22 this year. On the one hand, it’s only 90 days. With thousands of other hands desperate to throw their money into the new coupe, there’s nothing to say about the summer date. We have not heard of any improvement in the world situation.

Prices start at ¥ 5,241,500 ($ 41,200 US) for an entry-level FairLade Z with six-speed manual or nine-speed automatic in Japan. That’s about $ 2,000 more than the entry-level, 2.0-liter four-cylinder Toyota Supra. Nissan says the Base Z Sport will come here for about $ 40,000, starting at চার 43,290 before our four-wheeler Supra destination. Z’s special sauce is that all trims come with a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 with 400 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. Supra takes another $ 10,000 to get closer to it, making it a potential performance bargain for Z if it can get here.

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