The 2023 Cadillac Lyriq is already sold out, 2024 orders are not too far away

Pre-orders for the 2013 Cadillac Lyric Electric SUV opened on the same day, with enough people depositing a ফের 100 refundable deposit into the account to run the intended production throughout the year. The pre-order page on Cadillac’s site now suggests, “2023 lyric pre-order is complete. Pre-order waitlist is now available,” and “Wetlist members may or may not have the opportunity to order 2023 lyric depending on availability. First chance to pre-order 2024 lyric.” . “

As a reminder of where the lyric reserve can hold someone today, the debut version is scheduled for first delivery this summer. The 2023 Lyriq RWD is scheduled for delivery earlier this year, and the 2023 Lyriq AWD will begin to reach buyers in early 2023. The pre-order page states that the initial delivery of the 2024 model year is expected in the spring of 2023, so it will appear there about nine months from now.

GM authorities A press release from GM’s Chinese outpost found some interesting figures (the lyrics were made in Spring Hill, Tange for the North American market and in Shanghai for the Chinese market). The automaker announced earlier this month that the electric crossover would provide 500 horsepower on the AWD trim, but did not give a torque figure. The Chinese AWD model is offered 524 lb-ft of torque for a maximum tow rating of 3,500 lbs. This compares favorably with the RWD trim of 340 hp and 325 lb-ft. Also, in China, Lyric AWD is rated at 287 miles in that country’s test cycle. Our EPA rates single-motor trim at 312 miles, so we wouldn’t expect it to stay away from 287-mile ratings based on the precedent of other EV models.

GMA It is believed that Automaker 2024 could also expand the options menu for the model year, after roughly 18 months of careful preparation. The familiar premium luxury and sport trim layers may appear on top of the brand’s entry-spec luxury variants, meaning a perfect leather interior and the possibility of more than two interior colors, as well as four exterior colors offered in 2023. We can’t expect too much. Much more, though, because Cadillac and GM as a whole have a lot more going on behind the scenes at Altium. With over 250,000 hand-risers working for the Lyriq, the luxury brand will launch the Celestiq flagship sedan next year and two electric crossovers in 2025 at the crossover market.

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