Tesla semi order book open, $ 20,000 deposit required

Five years after its debut with the new Tesla Roadstar, Tesla has taken another big step towards semi-production. The automaker has opened the order book for the Class 8 tractor, and also cut out some pieces about trim and performance. A $ 20,000 deposit saves a place for one of the two semi variants, one priced at $ 150,000 and a range of 300 miles, and one priced at $ 180,000 and a range of 500 miles. There are still many questions to answer, but looking closely at the price column, the numbers are not bad. An old-school Peterbilt 389 with a slipper is set to run more than the new 250,000, while current fuel champ Freightliner Cascadia wants at least $ 180,000 with a slipper.

Tesla says the four motors can turn the two rear axles and get fully loaded in 20 seconds, the 80,000-pound cm and the trailer can reach 60 miles per hour in 20 seconds – but we’re not sure who cares. More importantly, these motors are said to be able to get 5% grade at 5% grade at 60 miles per hour, which will thrill every truck driver and every car on the highway.

The size of the battery has not yet been revealed, but Tesla says the rig uses less than 2 kilowatt hours per mile. If we just plug in the numbers, we expect the battery packs to be a little less than 600 kWh and 1,000 kWh.

Semi still has to take the biggest step, which is entering production and we know nothing more about that. CEO Elon Musk says there will be no new Tesla models this year due to the global industrial situation, but those engineers will “do a lot of engineering and tooling, not to build these vehicles: Cybertruck, Semi, Roadstar, Optimus and hopefully ready for production next year.” . ” The subtle warning that followed that line was, “It probably is.”

Meanwhile, Freightliner has launched its eCascadia, Volvo has launched its FMX heavy duty tractor, and Nikola has finally abandoned its advantages in its battery-electric truck chandler, Arizona. None of this matches the range of the Tesla Semi, and we haven’t heard of the soon-to-be-released battery-electric tractor that will be, so the crown is still on Tesla’s claim. The auction was released.

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