Tesla has withdrawn 48,000 Model 3 EVs for speed display issues

Tesla is recalling 48,184 examples of Model 3 performance for displaying inconsistent speeds in its track mode. In this mode, the display shows motion without its corresponding unit (mph or km / h), rendering it inconsistent with federal guidelines.

“The lack of a speed unit when using track mode does not adequately inform the driver about the speed of the vehicle, which can increase the risk of collisions,” the company said in its report to NHTSA. “Tesla is not aware of any crashes, injuries or deaths related to this condition.”

The problem is limited to the “track” drive setting of the Model 3 performance, which the company has recovered for off-road use only. However, because the feature is not locked out while on the road, it must follow the same guidelines as any other digital speedometer.

Tesla said the problem was discovered internally and there was no indication that it caused a crash on the field. Withdrawal population includes Model Year 2018-2022 Model 3 Performance Driving Firmware Release 2021.44.25 or later until 2022.12.

An over-the-air update has already been made to fix the problem Customers should have started receiving it on or after April 19, 2022.

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