Tesla has opened a UK supercharger outlet to use EVs of other brands; High rate

Tesla has opened up a number of supercharger sites in its charging network in the United Kingdom since last evening for the manufacture of third-party cars, or vehicles or other, according to Tesla Owners UK page.

Access to other brands of electric vehicles applies to 15 of the 98 supercharger sites in the UK, and non-Tesla users need to use the Tesla app to start charging and pay a higher rate per kWh of battery. Charges compared to Tesla owners.

To get closer to higher charging rates, non-Tesla owners can pay an additional monthly fee of 99 10.99 sterling (RM59.93) to access the lower rates for group-wise charging.

According to the owners group, charger etiquette in the Netherlands, France and Norway appears to be promising, with reports that non-Tesla car owners have not blocked charging bags for inconvenience to Tesla car owners, and the group expects a situation with third-party superchager trials in the UK. There will be.

The Tesla Owners UK Group added that it had received assurances from Tesla that the expansion of the supercharger network would be in line with the car manufacturer’s earlier promise to triple the network in the next year and a half, the group said.

Tesla said in July 2021 that it plans to open its supercharger network in Norway for users of other electric vehicles by September 2022. While Tesla superchargers in the United States use a proprietary plug, European outlets use CCS2 connectors that enable standard area, easy adoption.

On the local front, Tesla has indicated that it is open to the idea of ​​setting up a supercharger network in Malaysia, said Arham Abdul Rahman, CEO of the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), in a tweet last week after the prime minister invited Tesla to invest. In Malaysia.

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